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Illustration from La Mode Illustree featuring two walking costumes with headwear, outerwear and accessories.

Full color fashion plate from La Mode Illustree, 1862 depicting two day dresses and appropriates accessories or hairstyles.

Color fashion plate from the November 1852 edition of Journal d'Economie Domestique et de Travaux d'Aiguille depicting two visiting dresses for winter complete with bonnets and accessories.

Color fashion plate depicting two walking dresses with associated accessories from the Journal d'Economie Domestique et de Travaux d'Aiguille, 1853.

Fashion Plate from La Mode Illustree depicting two ensembles for women: one walking ensemble, one day dress.

1938 News Reel detailing major newstories of the year including California Floods, East Coast Hurricane, war scare in Europe, Spanish Civil War, Hitler, Germany, and British dignitaries.

Color fashion place, circa 1845, from the Journal des Dames et des Modes depicting wedding ensemble, hairstyles and dresses appropriate for bride's maids.

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