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Portrait of mother and two small children, circa 1900.

Set of four Valentine's Cards with a sporting theme, 1907

Cyanotype post cards, "Spooners Delight"

Series of color cards depicting couples with Valentine sentiments.

Series of post card views depicting a romance and including lines from love songs

ALGhioSr St Louis c1880.jpg
Anthonly L. Ghio, sr. was present at the first sale of lots in 1873 that founded what is now Texarkana, Arkansas and Texarkana, Texas. Mr. Ghio purchased the third lot and was the first to build. He later served as mayor of the Texas side.

Portrait of an African-American lady, circa 1927.

Portrait of Evelyn Spurr, circa 1928. Autographed to "Anna Dunn and John."

Woman buying a vaccuum cleaner in a Texarkana, Arkansas shop, circa 1925.

The Fifth War Loan campaign was kicked off in Texarkana by Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre cast. A radio drama was written by Welles specifically for the event and it was based on Texarkana's unique situation on the AR-TX border. This imageā€¦
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