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1960 campaign visit of John F. Kennedy. Picture was taken on East Broad Street, Downtown Texarkana, Arkansas. The Burhman-Pharr Hardware water tower can be seen in the background.

U.S. Congressman Wright Patman (left), First Lady Johnson (center) and President Lyndon Johnson at Texarkana JFK memorial dedication.

The Vice-President Richard Nixon and wife Pat arriving at Texarkana Airport, circa 1960.

President Jimmy Carter campaigning in Texarkana during the 1979 election. Image taken in front of the Texarkana downtown Post Office

Then candidate Ronald Reagan campaigning at Texarkana Airport during the 1979 election.

Image from glass negative of President Taft at Texarkana's Union Station, circ 1911

1938 News Reel detailing major newstories of the year including California Floods, East Coast Hurricane, war scare in Europe, Spanish Civil War, Hitler, Germany, and British dignitaries.
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