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The Union Station train depot was built in 1929 on the state line between Arkansas and Texas. Half of the building is in one state, the other half is in another. The street in front of the building is still paved in brick.

1960 campaign visit of John F. Kennedy. Picture was taken on East Broad Street, Downtown Texarkana, Arkansas. The Burhman-Pharr Hardware water tower can be seen in the background.

U.S. Congressman Wright Patman (left), First Lady Johnson (center) and President Lyndon Johnson at Texarkana JFK memorial dedication.

Image from glass negative of President Taft at Texarkana's Union Station, circ 1911

Board of Trade publication to promote Texarkana produced in 1908 for the Fourth of July celebration. Click on link below to download the .pdf fild

Train coming into Texarkana's Union Station, circa 1920. P-6524

Air view of downtown Texarkana, circa 1927. Streets in view include State Line Avenue, Pine, Third and Broad Streets. p-6496C

Broad Street (West to East), circa 1900.jpg
View of Broad Street, Texarkana, USA, circa 1900. Note the electrical and telephone lines as well as the various modes of transportation.

1956 tour of Southwest Arkansas and Northwest Louisiana by the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce. Includes downtown views of Lewisvill, Stamps, Waldo, Magnolia and Bradley (Arkansas) as well as views of Haynesville and Plain Dealing (Louisiana). Theā€¦

1948 Diamond Jubilee Parade: The 75th Birthday of Texarkana USA.
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