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Woman buying a vaccuum cleaner in a Texarkana, Arkansas shop, circa 1925.

Perspective map of Texarkana originally drawn in 1883. This is a cropped image. P-6497

Broad Street (West to East), circa 1900.jpg
View of Broad Street, Texarkana, USA, circa 1900. Note the electrical and telephone lines as well as the various modes of transportation.

1956 tour of Southwest Arkansas and Northwest Louisiana by the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce. Includes downtown views of Lewisvill, Stamps, Waldo, Magnolia and Bradley (Arkansas) as well as views of Haynesville and Plain Dealing (Louisiana). Theā€¦

1948 Diamond Jubilee Parade: The 75th Birthday of Texarkana USA.

TXK Glass Factory_mpeg1video.mpg
Audio/Visual presentation. Images of the Texarkana Glass Factory with audio recordings of Texarkana pioneers who remembered the factory.

Draughon Store receipt.jpg
Receipt from the J.H. Draughon General Store located on Broad Street in Texarkana.

Directory of the Texarkana Negro Business League dated 1937. Includes listings for most African-American businesses and professionals from the late 1930s.
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