Texarkana Fashions in the 1920s

Mildred Edwards, 1971


Cosmetics in the 1920s 






"…During this time [the 1920s], cosmetics changed. Our complexions were white, just dead white. And Three Flowers Powder came out with a permanent powder. You'd put it on in the morning and you couldn't even wash it off at night. It had a white lead basis [sic] and all of us had skin problems as a result of it. We had a permanent lipstick, those of us who were permitted to use lipstick. Our families frowned on it. But you know how girls are. It was Tangee. It also has an indelible base that turned your mouth inside-out and sent you to a skin doctor. So you couldn't be glamorous for being sick from trying all the new things that came out."

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Buying a Vaccuum, 1925

Circa 1925. Salesman showing Royal Electric Cleaner to a woman. This business was located on Broad Street, downtown Texarkana, USA.

Portrait of a Lady, circa 1927

Portrait of a Lady, circa 1927.

Evelyn Spurr, c. 1928

Portrait of Evelyn Spurr, circa 1928.

Texarkana History in the 1910s and 1920s
Texarkana Fashions in the 1920s