Downtown Texarkana, 1873 -1973


Downtown Texarkana, 1873 -1973


General images of downtown Texarkana USA from founding to the cities' 100th birthday. Streets include Front, Broad and Third Streets as well as State Line Avenue.

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Town Well
Post Card image of one of the town wells found in intersections in downtown Texarkana from founding to the early 1920s.

Broad Street, Texarkana
View of Broad Street, Texarkana, USA, circa 1900. Note the electrical and telephone lines as well as the various modes of transportation.

Downtown Texarkana, 1927
Air view of downtown Texarkana, circa 1927. Streets in view include State Line Avenue, Pine, Third and Broad Streets. p-6496C

Texarkana Train Station
Train coming into Texarkana's Union Station, circa 1920. P-6524

Perspective map of Texarkana, 1883
Perspective map of Texarkana originally drawn in 1883. This is a cropped image. P-6497

Anthony Louis Ghio, Sr., circa 1880
Anthonly L. Ghio, sr. was present at the first sale of lots in 1873 that founded what is now Texarkana, Arkansas and Texarkana, Texas. Mr. Ghio purchased the third lot and was the first to build. He later served as mayor of the Texas side.

Union Station, Front Street, Texarkana AR-TX
The Union Station train depot was built in 1929 on the state line between Arkansas and Texas. Half of the building is in one state, the other half is in another. The street in front of the building is still paved in brick.
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