African-American Portraits


African-American Portraits


A collection of unidentified portraits from the Texarkana Museums System photograph collections, 1890-1940.

Collection Items

Family Portrait, circa 1900
Portrait of mother and two small children, circa 1900.

Unidentified couple, circa 1898
Portrait of a gentleman in K. of F. fraternal organization uniform and a lady in walking dress, circa 1898. Both are unidentified.

Portrait of an Unidentified Lady, circa 1895
Portrait of an unidentified African-American lady wearing shirtwaist, neckcloth and jewelry.

Young Girl in Rocking Chair, circa 1900
Photograph of a young African-American girl in a rocking chair with a doll, circa 1900.

"Remember Me," circa 1930
Portrait of a gentleman in an African-American hat, circa 1930.

Portrait of Unidentified Lady, circa 1927
Portrait of an unidentified African-American lady in cloche and fur trimmed coat, circa 1927

Portrait of a Soldier, circa 1917
Portrait of an African-American soldier, U.S. Army, circa 1917.

Mother and Son, circa 1925
Photograph of a mother and son; home snapshot portrait.

Wedding Party, circa 1921
Photograph of wedding party, circa 1921
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