20th Century Texarkana


20th Century Texarkana


Items illustrating everyday life in the Texarkana area during the early decades of the 20th Century.

Collection Items

Bulletin #67 giving advice to farm homemakers on setting up and maintaining a modern, scientific kitchen.

Betty and Luara Murray with their mother, Kate
Betty and Laura Murray with mother Kate Murray just before their double weddings on December 7, 1947. The dresses and veils are now part of the Texarkana Museums System collections: http://www.texarkanamuseums.org/artifact-of-the-month.html

Buying a Vaccuum, 1925
Woman buying a vaccuum cleaner in a Texarkana, Arkansas shop, circa 1925.

Evelyn Spurr, c. 1928
Portrait of Evelyn Spurr, circa 1928. Autographed to "Anna Dunn and John."

Portrait of a Lady, circa 1927
Portrait of an African-American lady, circa 1927.

Texarkana USO, WWII
Photograph of a Texarkana USO event held during World War II, circa 1945
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